Looking for Union Success Stories!

We need to talk about our union successes. We would like your help to do this. 

Unions do important work but a lot of our work is invisible.   The PSAC-NCR would like to record the stories of members willing to share a moment when they were helped, or their rights were defended, because of help or representation from their union.  

We want to share these stories with our stewards and union volunteers to encourage them in their important work.  We also want to share the stories with Members of Parliament and with the media, to show them the important work unions do in ensuring fairness at work.

Think about worker’s compensation cases, grievances, harassment complaints, informal problem solving, workplace accidents, human rights complaints or members who have been declared affected or surplus…

Please send us your own story or the names of two members you have assisted or helped and who you think might agree to share their story.

You can send these names to Johanne Labine at  819-777-4647 or by e-mail at labinej@psac-afpc.com.