Meeting of the CRFF-RCN – 24 January 2012

Meeting of the CRFF-RCN

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

5:30 p.m.

Gatineau Regional Office

200 Promenade du Portage, 2nd floor, Room 310


(819) 777-4647




  • Chantal Rajotte

  • Francine Stuart

  • Ginette Thony

  • Isabelle Gendron

  • Jocelyne Bordage

  • Louise Blouin

  • Marie-Françoise Bertrand

  • Sandrine Oka

  • Judy McAuley

  • Shirley Taylor

  • Juliette Pierre


  • Sylvie Laprade

  • Lisa Rossignol



  • Claudine Lance

  • Rosanna Bourciquot

  • Johanne Gosselin


  1. Adoption of the agenda

Adoption of the agenda moved by Jocelyne Bordage and seconded by Louise Blouin.



  1. Elections

Sylvie Laprade presided over the elections:


  • 1st vice-president

Marie-Françoise Bertrand explained the role of the 1st vice-president


Nomination:   Ginette Thony Accepted  By acclamation

Moved:           Francine Stuart

Seconded:     Jocelyne Bordage


Nomination:   Sandrine Oka  Refused         

Moved:           Isabelle Gendron

Seconded:     Chantal Rajotte


Nomination:   Judy McAuley  Refused

Moved:           Chantal Rajotte

Seconded:     Shirley Taylor            


  • 2nd vice-president


Nomination:   Sandrine Oka   Refused

Moved:           Francine Stuart

Seconded:     Jocelyne Bordage


Nomination:   Shirley Taylor Refused

Moved:           Isabelle Gendron

Seconded:     Ginette Thony


Nomination:   Judy McAuley Accepted  By acclamation

Moved:           Sandrine Oka

Seconded:     Shirley Taylor


Nomination:   Chantal Rajotte  Refused

Moved:           Louise Blouin

                        Juliette Pierre


  • Treasurer


Nomination:   Louise Blouin  Accepted By secret ballot

Moved:           Chantal Rajotte

Seconded:     Isabelle Gendron


Nomination:   Juliette Pierre  Accepted

Moved:           Francine Stuart

Seconded:     Ginette Thony


We proceeded with the elections by secret ballot.  Sister Louise Blouin was appointed treasurer.


Motion to destroy the ballots, moved by Jocelyne Bordage and seconded by Francine Stuart.  Unanimous



  1. Follow-up

  2. Project on the effects of privatization and the deregulation of public services in South Africaand equipping women in the area of leadership


Sandrine Oka told attendees about her experience in South Africaback in November 2011 made possible by a funding partnership by the PSAC Social Justice Fund, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) and CIDA.  Two members of PSAC and two members from CUPW took part in the two-week project.  The purpose of the trip was to meet with representatives of the Communication Workers Union and their members to discuss and observe the results of the project, which included: (1) an increase in the number of women involved and in positions of leadership, including negotiators, within their union; (2) a campaign to fight the privatization and deregulation of public services; (3) successful organization activities; (4) improved knowledge of the members of their rights; and (5) the training of trainers.  A very interesting discussion ensued.


  1. March 8, 2012


Francine Stuart advised that the FTQ will be holding a wine and cheese on March 8.  Time and place to be determined.


March 8 pins are still available.  An order form has been attached.  Please send your orders to Francine Stuart at


Jocelyne Bordage and Lisa Rossignol prepared a brief summary of the International Women’s Day teleconference.  A discussion ensued on the events of March 8.


  1. Review of priorities


The next meeting of the CRFF will be devoted to priorities for 2012. 


  1. Announcements


  1. Marie-Françoise Bertrand advised the group that language training would be shut down on March 31, 2012.  The service will be privatized.


  1. Miscellaneous

  2. Budget:  item to be corrected  – October 23 – Taxi fees from January to June ($408.95)

  3. Salvation Army

  4. Sylvie Laprade made a brief presentation on the situation of our members at the Salvation Army, who have been on strike since January 6, 2012.  Sylvie invited members of the CRFF to visit the picket line to lend them support.

Motion to make a $250 donation. Moved by Jocelyne Bordage and seconded by Louise Blouin.  Unanimous.


  1. Next meeting (February 28, 2012) and meal

Marie-Françoise Bertrand will be handling the meal order – Chez Fatima.


  1. Adjournment

Adjournment at 7:20 p.m.moved by Jocelyne Bordage and seconded by Louise Blouin.