Member Profile for March 2020: Loree-Ann Huard

-What is your role (s) in the union?

I’m currently VP of our local 70004.

-When did you first get involved and why?

Like most of us, a friend asked me to help out with flyers and I got hooked in 1991. I still love it!

-What are some of the victories/campaigns/activities you’ve worked on?

Union of Taxation Employees (UTE), a component of PSAC, is my second family. The union taught me to see the bigger picture beyond just myself. I do my best to explain to each member, who only wants change for themselves, how we must all help each other to grow stronger as a union.

I volunteered recently to help with strike votes because it’s important. We help get the message out to members and we’re recruiting enough volunteers to reach the members fast because the employer doesn’t provide enough time to be informed and vote.


-What would you say to others who are thinking about getting involved?

To others thinking of getting involved: just do it! It’s not easy but the support you receive is amazing and makes it worthwhile giving up your time to help.