Members at Hard Rock achieve gains in new collective agreement, but continue to fight for improvements

Members working at Hard Rock Casino fought and achieved new gains this round of bargaining. Despite monetary and non-monetary improvements, workers will continue to push for a fair working conditions and to assert their rights. “This is a step forward towards improving working conditions for our members at Hard Rock. We will continue to support our members in their fight for fairness and living wages,” says REVP for the PSAC-NCR, Greg McGillis.

Members working at Hard Rock include: Valets, Dealers, Slot Technicians and Attendants, Coin & Cage Cashiers and Counters, Player Service Representatives, Shuttle Bus Drivers, Coat Checkers, Retail Sales Associates, Facilities Maintenance and Housekeepers.

New agreement highlights include:


●     Increase to safety footwear reimbursement from $125 to $150 dollars per year.

●     Valets will now have access to reimbursement for winter footwear up to $150 dollars per year.

●     The Pension Plan contributions of 5% Employer and Employee contribution rates set in the CA

●     Flat increases + GEI  to classifications with minimum wage starting rates

●     GEI of 1.75 % in each year of a 4 year CA


●     New language specific for the new Table Games Dealer classification covering dealers’ qualifications, clear language on paid rest periods, and wages

●     Shift Giveaway Process – Full-time workers gained access to the process and the Employer can no longer assign a Part-time worker for a shift on a day that they had already given a shift away

●     Improved Banking of Lieu days language

●     Improved Job Posting language appointment to a full-time position within the same classification will now be based on seniority and an acceptable file review of those who apply for the posting

●     The definition of Seniority was altered to now recognize it as the total length of continuous service in the bargaining unit from the last date of hire into the Bargaining unit (regardless of whether you have changed classifications within the BU)

●    A Statement of Duties will now be provided to an employee when they begin in a new position in the bargaining unit

PSAC organizes many workers outside the public service. By doing so, we are combating the rise of precarious work, and uniting workers across sectors.