NCR Pride Cttee Meeting 

January 10, 2012

Ottawa RO

Draft Minutes


Present: Liz, Jacques, Isabelle, Jenn Y

 Stephanie Penwarden Reg. Rep.

 Jacques thanked everyone for coming. First order of business was discussing Pride representation at NCR Council and Executive meetings. Jacques and Isabelle have agreed to alternate their voice and vote. Isabelle will attend the Executive meeting on Thursday on behalf of Pride.

 A discussion then occurred on the Action Plan for Pride for the upcoming year.



  1. Bilingualism for the committee was discussed. The committee will work on a receptive bilingualism where members will speak in the language of their choice and paraphrase what they have said in the other language if required. All documents will be provided in both languages as much as possible.

  2. Relevance of the committee – how it effects change, educate, etc… Also want to cross polinate ideas and actions with other Human Rights committees.

  3. How to engage GLBT members, especially the “T”s. We need to be more relevant and engage more members. How can we do this??

  4. Isabelle will communicate with Karoline to try to set up the session with Ian Capstick. This will deal with the committee and how the committee can further engage in the workplace, community and with its membership.

  5. Would also like to do some work with youth. How can we become more involved?

  6. Do we concentrate on the community or workplace? Some workplaces are still having issues – pride flags are being taken down, posters are removed, etc. Can we work on our individual workplaces to have GLBT recognized on equity committees and from there work on changing the Charter? Is this something we want to take on and how to go about it? Would we want to organize lunch and learns in workplaces re GLBT issues?

  7. Is location a barrier to members participating in our meetings? For the duration of 2012 we will have the meetings at 233 Gilmour. Stephanie will look after the reservations. Need to be aware that HQ can bump our reservations so we will keep Lise Bélanger as the backup.

  8. Isabelle will create a PSAC NCR Facebook page. For this Stephanie will verify the adviseability of creating a NCRPride@psac-afpc.com email address.

 Minutes from December 2012 were approved. (Isabelle/Jacques = carried)

 Next meeting will be February 14, 2012. Due to Jacques and Isabelle’s schedule the meetings will now start at 5:30 with a light meal and 6:00 start time. Tentatively scheduled for 233 Gilmour.

 Meeting was adjourned.