Present : Jenn Y, Isabelle, Jacques, Daniel, Richard

Stephanie Penwarden Reg. Rep

1. Approval of the agenda

M/S Isabelle/Richard Carried

2. Minutes are unavailable from the February meeting.

3.  Facebook

The Facebook page is now set up. There is nothing to identify it with the PSAC in order to allow for a broader discussion. Please send the link to your friends and repost.

4. PSAC – NCRC website

The website is still under construction. Please be patient as the transition is made from the previous website.

5. May 17

Will be looking to plant gate the flowers. There is interest in doing this activity on both sides of the river.

6. Capital Pride

OAC is willing to work with the other committees for a joint float. Will have to arrange a follow up meeting. Isabelle with liaise with Capital Pride this year.

7. Area Councils

Jenn Y will be the Pride delegate to OAC. (Also need to choose a CRAPO delegate.)

8. PSAC Convention

Richard, Daniel, Louise, Jocelyne, Edward and André are all attending as delegates. François will be attending as an observer. The caucus for GLBT will be the Monday morning. Will be looking at hosting a meet and greet one evening.

9. Varia

March 22 & 29 the NCR Council is encouraging locals to go out again on their lunch hour.

March 29 there will be an English budget watch at JK Wyllie and French in the Gat RO.

Still recruiting for the NAPC course on April 13 & 14, 2012.

Motion to adjourn. Daniel / Isabelle carried.