Minutes of the Ottawa Regional Women’s Committee – 24 February 2011


Judith Lewis, NHU

Zelma Buckley, UNDE

Lorraine Cormier, APSAR

Sara Cousins, UTE

Jennifer York, GSU

Isabelle Gendron, GSU

Maria Fitzpatrick, REVP

June Dale, NAT  ORWC Chairperson

Patricia (Tish) Johnson, Ottawa RO Staff




Jocelyne Bordage, CEUI

Carrie Bolton, NRU

Maria Krawiec, NAT

Claudette Guibord, UCTE


Adoption of previous minutes

m/s/c   S. Cousins, I. Gendron


Adoption of agenda.

m/s/c  Z. Buckley, M. Krawiec


  1. Resolutions to the NCRConvention


June provided an explanation of the procedure and a discussion took place. The final deadline to submit resolutions to Amélie is April 1, 2011. Sisters are urged to send their resolutions to Tish by e-mail and then the Committee will deal with them at its March 24 meeting. Check with Components, women’s committees, Locals, etc. for resolutions that have not been adopted in the past. June felt that there was a significant number of resolutions out there that have not yet been dealt with.


  1. International Women’s Day


It was suggested that for an IWD activity, we could approach Johanne Labine who, along with Lorraine Cormier, could give a two-hour module on women & pensions in the J. K. Wyllie Boardroom on the evening of March 8. All were in favour of this idea. Sisters are encouraged to take several posters and post cards back to their Locals for distribution and to celebrate on March 8.


Maria encouraged the sisters to carry on with their plans to hold the women’s policy forum as it is likely a federal election will be held this year. A letter should go out from the Committee to the policy experts of each federal party with deadlines to respond. ORWC sisters on the Committee will draft the questions. We may want to have this event at the Ottawa Public Library because it call hold a great number of people. We should remember to advertise this event using Facebook.


  1. NCRREVP All-Candidates Meeting


This event was discussed with a view to having it in May. Once again, questions will be drawn up by the sisters of the ORWC. Last time there was an opportunity for questions from the floor.


  1. Herstory


Only one interview has been received by Tish for eventual posting on the website. Sisters are asked to set up their interviews as soon as they can and to transcribe those that have been done or give the recording to Tish for transcription.


  1. FTQ-CRFF IWD Celebration


On March 7 there will be a wine and cheese event in the PSAC Gatineau Regional Office co-sponsored by the FTQ and the Comité régional des femmes francophones of the NCR. All sisters are welcome to attend.


  1. Facebook Course


Sisters are welcome to attend an evening Facebook course will be given by Chantal Fortin on March 1.


  1. Next Meeting: Thursday, March 24, 2011


  1. Adjournment