Minutes of the Ottawa Regional Women’s Committee – 26 May 2011

May 26, 2011


  • June Dale, Chairperson
  • Sara Cousins, UTE
  • Claudette Guibord, UCTE
  • Zelma Buckley, UNDE
  • Isabelle Gendron, GSU
  • Jennifer York, GSU
  • Judith Lewis, NHU
  • Maria Kraweic, NAT
  • Maria Fitzpatrick, NCR REVP
  • June Dale, NAT, ORWC Chair
  • Patricia (Tish) Johnson, PSAC Staff


  • Linda Koenders, UTE
  • Lynn Smith-Doiron, CIU
  • Carrie Bolton, NRU
  • Louise Blouin, USGE
  1. Adoption of the previous minutes

m/s/c S. Cousins/C. Guibord with the following revision:

Sister Sara’s name should be in the Regrets column.

  1. Adoption of Agenda

m/s/c  Z. Buckley/I. Gendron

  1. NCR Convention Resolutions

June went through the resolutions and referred to the NCR ByLaws. She provided clarification and a discussion was held.

 1. Announcements regarding the NCRConvention

  • Flashmob in support of locked-out CUPW members: Friday from noonto 12:15 pm(this was later changed to a rally on Sparks Street)
  • Regional Women’s Caucus: 12:15 pm to 1:00 pm
  1. Federal Elections Fall-out

June led a brief discussion about the impact that a Conservative majority will have on women and our issues.

  1. WISE—Women’s Initiatives for a Safer Environment

m/s/c I. Gendron/S. Cousins

That the ORWC provide a donation in the amount of $500 to WISE as has been done in the past.

It was asked that a report be provided regarding this organization’s activities.

  1. Women’s Worlds Conference 2011

The ORWC sisters wanted to explore the possibilty of sharing a delegate space at this conference since no one is available to take time off work for the entire event. Tish will follow up with the organzing representatives. See the following link for more information:


  1. NCRREVP All-Candidates’ Meeting

Funding and other details were discussed.

  1. Federal Budget

There will be a budget watch event in the Lise-Belanger Boardroom at 15 Holland on June 6. As a follow-up to the budget, there will be a plantgating activity on June 7 to promote the PSAC’s fightback campaign.

  1.  Varia: Claudette reported on the last EOC meeting.
  1. Next ORWC Meeting: June23, 2011