Meeting of the CRFF-RCN

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

5:30 p.m.

Gatineau Regional Office

200 Promenade du Portage, 2nd floor, Room 310


(819) 777-4647




Chantal Rajotte

Louise Blouin

Marie-Françoise Bertrand

Sandrine Oka

Judy McAuley

Dinette Thony

Isabelle Gendron

Lisa Rossignol




Isabelle Miron

Rosanna Bourciquot

Francine Stuart 

Sincere thanks were extended to Marie-Françoise Bertrand for all of her years of service (note that she was a founding member of the CRF-O) and for all of the work she has done with the Comité régional des femmes francophones de la RCN.  As a token of our thanks, the CRFF gave her flowers and a gift certificate. 

We are very sorry to see Marie-Françoise go.  You can remain in touch with her at mano1917@hotmail.ca

Ginette Thony, 1st vice-president, will sit as the interim chair following Marie-Françoise’s departure.


1. Adoption of the agenda

Miscellaneous: add (2) ads


2. Adoption of the February 28, 2012 minutes

Correction:  remove the point in item 3 (Rally)

Moved:  Sandrine Oka

Seconded:  Isabelle Gendron


 3.  Revisiting the priorities

The Committee reviewed and discussed the priorities identified at the July 26, 2011 meeting.  New suggestions were made.  Following a discussion and a dotmocracy exercise, members identified the following three priorities:


  1. Conceptualization of a day camp and a feasibility study dealing with the latter within PSAC

  2. Education and empowerment of young boys and men

  3. Campaign to search for doctors to serve the Outaouais.


A sub-committee will be established for each of the priorities which will be adopted at the meeting next April 23.  An invitation to participate in the sub-committees will be e-mailed to all of the members.


4. Miscellaneous

  1. Pride Committee (Isabelle Gendron)

The Pride Committee is preparing an activity for next May 17 (International Day against Homophobia).  An offer in the form of donations or assistance by volunteers would be appreciated.  The CRFF is in financial difficulty itself and, unfortunately, is in no position to offer a donation.  However, the Committee is soliciting for volunteers to help with the distribution of pamphlets or flowers.


  1. Defending reproductive rights (Sandrine Oka)

A motion (M-312) tabled by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth will be debated in the House next April 26.  This motion is intended to give the government the necessary legal tools to criminalize abortion once again.

A group of women in the NCR is working toward organizing a rallying activity.  Please contact Sandrine Oka at soka-psac70172@hotmail.comfor more information.


5.  Next meeting (Monday, April 23, 2012) and meal


6.  Adjournment of meeting at 7:25 p.m.

Moved by Louise Blouin and seconded by Ginette Thony. Passed.


Note:  These minutes were corrected and adopted via e-mail.

Moved by Sandrine Oka and seconded by Isabelle Gendron.