National Public Service Week Statement from PSAC-NCR REVP, Alex Silas

National Public Service Week was established in 1992 to “recognize the value of the services rendered by federal public service employees”.

28 years later, perhaps now more than ever, as millions of Canadians rely on federal emergency financial relief and as we combat the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize the immense value of federal public servants and all public service workers.

PSAC members across the country are working tirelessly to process CERB payments and ensuring Canadians receive the financial support they need. PSAC members are keeping our borders secure and making sure the food on our tables is safe. We are committed to supporting Canadians through this crisis.

I’d like to take a moment to thank our members. Proud federal public servants, across various departments, agencies, and sectors, who continue to inspire with the passion and commitment they bring to support Canadians.

We are all in this together. Public service workers are still and will always be, here for Canada. Also, here is PSAC’s national message.

Stay safe.



In Solidarity,

Alex Silas
PSAC-NCR Regional Executive Vice-President