Protocol for PSAC members during the STO strike

16 March 2017, Gatineau — The Public Service Alliance of Canada—National Capital Region stands in solidarity with workers at the Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO), who are initiating rotating strikes today. The workers resorted to this pressure tactic following two years of negotiations, and management’s recent refusal to resolve the dispute in arbitration.

The following guidance is provided to PSAC members affected by the strike:

  • If you are a PSAC member who works where a STO picket line is located, you should assess the situation and determine whether it is appropriate to exercise your right to refuse dangerous work, and therefore, contact your supervisor and union representative rather than cross the picket line. Should you have any doubt about crossing a picket line to get to work, you should contact your supervisor and insist on an escort.
  • If you work in the public service and your commute to work is seriously affected by the strike, Treasury Board has stated that you should discuss teleworking and flexible working hours with your manager. These alternative arrangements “will be approved at the discretion of delegated managers based on considerations such as operational requirements.”

Please check the STO website for the latest updates.