PSAC members at the Library of Parliament and House of Commons achieve important wins with new collective agreements

Members working at the Library of Parliament and House of Commons Operational Group and Postal services celebrate important wins with the recent round of negotiations. Both units negotiated increased access to certain leaves and improvements in the workplace.







Summary of the Library of Parliament new agreements:

-New seniority rights for scheduling

-Improved Bereavement Leave

-Improved Family Responsibility Leave

-Increased access to career advancement measures such as Educational Leave

-New protections against harassment and abuse of authority in the workplace


Summary House of Commons Operations and Postal new agreements:

-The Union successfully defended paid leave for medical and dental appointments

-Increased access to weekend premiums

-Expanded Bereavement Leave

-Hours of work improvements

-Expanded access to clothing and uniforms

-Greater access to family related and sick leaves for seasonal and other workers

-Increased access to taxi vouchers for unscheduled overtime


Importantly, PSAC won an agreement that allows Union Representatives access to the workplace so members can have direct contact with union staff. This win helps set the bar for PSAC to negotiate similar agreements for other bargaining units so that members can engage onsite with PSAC staff.