PSAC NCR – Accommodated Picket Duty Request 


Who is eligible for accommodated picket duties?  

PSAC National President Chris Aylward has indicated that the upcoming Treasury Board strike will not have any virtual strike component. This means that to receive strike pay, picketers are expected to show up for a 4-hour picket shift at a picket line.

Accommodated picket duties are intended for people with any type of Canadian Human Rights Act accommodations. However, going on strike may give rise to other types of accommodation needs. This procedure allows members with such needs to seek accommodated strike duties. We realize this will not be a perfect system, but PSAC-NCR aims to create an inclusive procedure for accommodations for members.  

Note: Accommodated picket duties are not for those who have a dentist appointment, vacation request, live too far from the picket line, etc. These duties are solely for members who require accommodation based on a CHRA protected ground.  

How do members request an accommodated duty? 

  1. A member with an CHRA-based accommodation need(s) makes their need(s) known to the union by contacting, in confidence, the NCR Strike Accommodation Committee (PSAC-NCR staff members and select members who have taken an oath of confidentiality).   
  2. Members can contact the committee via the google form below.
  3. The committee will review the accommodation requests and decide on whether the member can be accommodated for alternate strike duties.   
  4. Members who acquire an injury, a disability, or have other needs arise for accommodation during the strike, or who were otherwise unable to sign up for accommodations prior to a strike, can also go through this procedure. 
  5. Depending on the nature of the request, we may require additional documentation to find a picketing solution that works for you and that conforms to the direction we have been given by PSAC’s National President. Please only submit this documentation if you are contacted by the committee to do so. 
  6. Examples of documentation may include: Accommodation approval letter or workplace accommodation plan at the workplace, a doctor’s note, ODSP approval documents; Family-status accommodations (such as care of an ill child or parent) and might be a doctor’s note from the care provider; A pregnancy-related accommodation might be a due date letter that includes information about the need for bed rest. No diagnoses need to be included in any documentation. 

The following are some duties that may be available 

Picket Line Support  

  • Scanning members in and out of the picket line (can be seated in a designated area for this work)  
  • On-site ULink support (can be at a table outside or in one of the trailers on site) 

Headquarters Support (at the Ottawa Regional Office, 233 Gilmour)  

  • Answering phone calls from members (FAQ)  
  • Finding members their PSAC ID on Ulink 
  • Data entry where needed 
  • Calling members:  
    Who have not signed up for picket duty/make sure they know about the strike  
    Who did not show up to picket lines 
    Who have ESA letters to let them know how they can support the strike  

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