Record of Decision – Executive Meeting held November 21, 2011

Public Service Alliance of Canada

National Capital Regional Council Executive


The meeting  was held November 21, 2011, at 5:30 p.m. at 233 Gilmour (PSAC National Headquarters).



 Charron, Dan

Adonice, Imma

Bertrand, Marie-Francoise

Cousins, Sara

Dale, June

Fortin, Chantal

Laguerre, Carl W.

Lanthier, David

Lynn, Vicki-Smith

Milotte, Michèle

Ouellet, Jean-Pierre

Rémillard, Patrice

Rousseau, Larry


Total present: 13


Observers: None


Staff resource person: Pierre Parker, Alroy Fonseca, Nicholas Galletti


1)         N. Galletti delivers presentation of PSAC communications strategy. Discussion of bilingualism in campaign, web/social media based approach, location of guerrilla ads, alternate approaches.


  1. Revision and acceptance of agenda items. E. Omboli is not present but proposed agenda items 1 and 2. C. Fortin adds the following to the agenda: Committee Budget, Engaging members without credit cards, Distribution of electronic documents, Education Committee update. D. Lanthier adds Occupy Ottawa. J. Dale adds May Day at PSAC convention. J.P. Ouellet asks if CRAPO must table resolution regarding observer at NCR meeting. S. Cousins moves amended agenda. D. Lanthier seconds. Carried.


  1. Sharon Bulger was member at large representative for separate employer but has resigned. P. Rémillard is alternate and is stepping up.


  1. S. Cousins asks for approval of ~$10,000 to send 3 fully-funded observers to PSAC convention in 2012. Money comes from OAC. This is a courtesy notification; NCR Executive approval is not required for disbursement of funds. S. Cousins moves to approve OAC expenditure of $10,000 to send 3 observers fully-funded to 2012 convention. J. Dale seconds. Debate. Carried.


  1. D. Lanthier discusses need for ad-hoc regional committee  to deal with Shared Services Canada evolution in context of WFA. L. Rousseau indicates that new organization is going to immediately be subject to review. In the order of 10,000 workers will be affected; 9,000 from PIPS; couple of thousands from PSAC. Strategic Review will disproportionately affect PSAC workers.J. Dale asks whether this should be dealt with at the regional level. L. Rousseau indicates there is wide interest in this matter and that it is of national scope. Concerned members should contact region. S. Cousins asks for clarification on composition of committee and asks whether employers can offer any information. D. Lanthier states that core group of affected will be formed to get information. L. Rousseau notes that PSAC does not have information from managers of affected departments. Committee of affected members should be formed to develop ideas about adaptation and facilitate information flow. S. Cousins again asks where information will come from. L. Rousseau states that mission statement of committee cannot be decided presently but must have a discussion about it once formed. D. Charron states that this discussion is within the jurisdiction of NboD; asks for clear proposal regarding the creation of the committee. L. Rousseau states that it is unclear how grievances relating to this matter will be resolved. D. Lanthier states joint monitoring of this issue would be a good idea. L. Rousseau states that clear motion can be brought to the next committee meeting. J. Dale suggests GSU president should be invited to next meeting out of courtesy. L. Rousseau states that until further notice, members will stay in existing locals.


  1. J. Dale notes that bylaws and minutes of other meetings are not up to date. D. Charron proposes that a committee be created to review bylaws in both languages simultaneously. D. Lanthier seconds. Debate. Carried.


  1. L. Rousseau is concerned that people are not receiving e-mails via NCR members’ list. Members asked to send e-mail to L. Rousseau to confirm correct address. S. Cousins asks if problem is with e-mail system or with lists.


  1. L. Rousseau accepts nominations for Alternate Treasurer.D. Charron nominates C. Fortin. C. Laguerre seconds. D. Lanthier nominates M. Milotte. S. Cousins seconds. M. Millotte accepts nomination. C. Fortin does not accept nomination. M. Millotte is acclaimed.


  1. L. Rousseau states that bylaws indicate that no more than 25 percent of committee budget will be advanced in absence of committee plan. C. Fortin wishes for clarity on scope of action plan. L. Rousseau indicates a budget will suffice.


  1. S. Fortin notes that electronic documents should be offered as per previous resolution.


  1. S. Fortin provides update on education committee. ACORN and ODLC invited to join PSAC-NCR in  activities with other unions. J. Dale states CAPE is envious of education program run by PSAC.


  1. L. Rousseau provides update on Occupy Ottawa eviction.


  1. J. Dale states that May Day event during PSAC convention should be held and that she will undertake research.


  1. Minutes of 26 Sep 2011 accepted. Correction: Item 8 should read “Hope and Resistance”


Various closing comments.


The meeting was adjourned at 8pm.