Record of Decision – Executive Meeting held September 26, 2011

Public Service Alliance of Canada

National Capital Regional Council Executive



 Adonice, Imma

Bertrand, Marie-Françoise

Buckley, Zelma

Cousins, Sara

Charron, Daniel

Dale, June

Fanning, Terry

Fortin, Chantal

Rousseau, Larry

Laguerre, Carl

Lanthier, David

Lynn, Richard

Martin, Edward

McGrath, Pat

Millotte, Michele

Poliquin, André

Standen, Glen


Observer:  Sharzad Sedigh


Staff resource person: Pierre Parker


  1. Discussion of October 29th council meeting agenda:

The meeting will be held on October 29th at the Palais des Congrès in Gatineau. The members raised points to be added to the agenda. Members at large must present their reports.

  1.  Business cards and PSAC addresses

A list of the updated emails of the members was passed around because certain  members were not receiving the emails

  1. Shared Services Canada

Members requested that the national president and vice-president John Gordan and Patty Ducharme take action against the fusion of the different services. 44 departments were affected by this decision.


  1.  Portfolio for members at large:
  2. André Poliquin/Youth Committee
  3. Daniel Charron/ Stewards network
  4. Chantal Fortin/ Education committee
  5. David Lantier/ Strike support and lobbying
  6. Michèle Milotte/Lobbying
  7. Glenn Standen/H&S and Stewrads network
  8. Edward Martin/ Stewards delegate
  9. Imma Adonis/ Fightback Campaign
  10. Carl Laguerre/MASC
  11. Update think public :

Members are asked to participate in zone meeting and activities

  1. Alternate  treasurer:

June Dale was elected alternate treasurer

  1. Finances for 2 months:

Rick Lynn asks to be patient for the next couple of month concerning committee reimbursements

  1. “Group Resistance”:

The  “Hope in Resistance” event that will be held in Montrealon October 21st 2011was presented and discussed.


Announcements regarding various activities in the region were made.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.