Regional Francophone Women’s committe meeting – February 28, 2012

Meeting of the CRFF-RCN

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 :30 p.m.

GatineauRegional Office

200 Promenade du Portage, 2nd floor, Suite310


(819) 777-4647


In attendance:

 Francine Stuart

Judy McAuley

Chantal Rajotte

Ginette Thony

Jocelyne Bordage

Marie-Françoise Bertrand

Sandrine Oka

Isabelle Gendron

Sylvie Laprade

Lisa Rossignol


  1. Adoption of the agenda

Addition of item 1: March 2012



  1. Adoption of January 24, 2012minutes

Item 4 – correction to the French minutes: replace “cour” with “court”

Moved: Isabelle Gendron

Seconded: Chantal Rajotte


  1. March 8, 2012

  2. FTQ wine and cheese:  Francine Stuart explained the circumstances leading to our decision to back out of this event

  3. Rally:  pamphlet distribution.

  4. Proposal regarding visit of MPs was rejected.

  5. Motion to donate $400.

    • Moved by Francine Stuart

    • Seconded by Chantal Rajotte

    • Unanimously carried


  • Jocelyne Bordage requested some assistance with slogans, signs and slips

    • Marie-Françoise will send an email to members


  • Distribution of FFQ pins at the rally with PSAC women’s demands

    • Moved by Francine Stuart

    • Seconded by Chantal Rajotte

    • Unanimously carried


  1. Review of priorities

  2. Motion to postpone item 4 to next meeting. It was agreed at this February 28 meeting that we would focus only on CRFF priorities.

  3. Moved by  Judy McAuley

  4. Seconded by Chantal Rajotte

  5. Unanimously carried


  1. Miscellaneous

  2. Recording

  3. From now on, recording of minutes will be determined at the beginning of the meeting.

  4. Suggestion to hold elections for the office of secretary.


  1. Next meeting (Wednesday,  March 28, 2012) and meal (Francine Stuart)


  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.)

  2. Moved by Isabelle Gendron

  3. Seconded by Ginette Thony

  4. Unanimously carried