RVAC 2014 Spring & Summer Report

During the Spring and Summer, RVAC participated in a number of community events to network and raise awareness of the PSAC.

At the 2014 Health and Wellness Seminar organized by 5 community organizations, RVAC took part in the day long seminar with local health organizations to discuss important issues from senior abuse to youth counselling.

However, not all of the events were of a serious nature! RVAC was also present at the Haitian Festival, and JAM Day to celebrate the Jamaican community’s contribution to the City of Ottawa, while distributing information on the impact of the government’s cuts to public services. RVAC continues to be active both in the community and the union as they joined PSAC members in the Labour Day parade. With our flags in the air, walking proudly with the PSAC float, RVAC members continue to be a vital part of the labour movement.