Security Matters


Security for you. For me. For all. Right? 

It matters to us! We, the Detection Specialists are proud to play an essential role in the security operations on the Hill.

Security Matters at Parliament Hill.  Right?

Worldwide, attacks and incidents have impacted our sense of security and our relations to security measures. Three years ago, tragic events took place on Parliament Hill. This incident and the following investigations and reports led to an amendment of the Parliament of Canada Act, which established the Parliamentary Protective Services (PPS). This new service integrated under its umbrella all the different security services already in operation on the Hill. 

Security Matters on the Hill   

Let’s not forget that there are people behind these protective services. Security also depends upon them.  Security employees matter too!  Their important role shouldn’t be forgotten.

Who are the Detection Specialists?

We are the first contact to everyone accessing the Parliamentary Precinct.

  • We greet and screen visitors, guests, parliamentarians, and employees, including their belongings to detect items that could be illegal, harmful, or disruptive to the Parliament;
  • We screen vehicles prior to access;
  • We are trained to detect all kinds of threats;
  • We are First Aid trained.
  • We are on the first line of defense and along with the Constables, we keep the Parliamentary Precinct safe and protect visitors, Members of Parliament, Senators and all employees on the Hill.

“Our role is fundamental to the Parliamentary Precinct and for the protection of our democracy.”

Security Emploees Matter. Right?

Did you know?

The Detection Specialists are members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Their collective agreement expired in March 2014.

In June 2015, the Detection Specialists no longer employed by the House of Commons became employees of PPS following the integration of the different security services.  

In the fall of 2015, PPS began a series of legal maneuvers that have effectively suspended the Detection Specialists’ bargaining rights pending Labour Board hearings. However, the expired collective agreement could be re-opened at any time.

In the fall of 2017, the PSAC had to file an unfair labour practice complaint as PPS violated the law by making unilateral changes to the employees’ working conditions without consulting with the union.

“The last time we received a pay increase was in April 2013.”



PPS should do the right thing, resolve on-going issues in the workplace and bargain with the PSAC.

Does Security Matter to you? Why? Tell us why you think we matter. 

By the way, the security of the security employees and of all the employees on the Hill also matters. Stay tuned for further information!

Updated 12 October 2017