TLDC Campaign

Victory Checklist

  1. Bat Monitoring Program
  2. Workers moved to a Safe Space from 10 Wellington
  3. Water Testing being performed
  4. Installing filtered Water Fountains for Safe Drinking Water
  5. Committee with all Building’s Management and Unions
  6. Some Reporting on Repairs and Safety Upgrades Maintenance to Union

Things we still want

  • Improved Communication to Workplace OSH committees, including Union and Labour Reps
  • Access to the Maintenance Portal (CentralCollab) for up-to-date Information on Work being completed
  • Follow up from the Issues indicated by the Labour Affairs Officer’s Inspection (September 2018)
  • Full Implementation of Bat Monitoring Program
  • Publicizing Air Quality Testing
  • Building Condition Report and Building Capacity Assessment

The fight is not over!

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