Comité regional des femmes francophones de la RCN

The CRFF-RCN is a dynamic group of women in the National Capital Region, who come from various locals and Components.

The region is home to two regional women’s committees.  The CRFF-RCN operates solely in French and the RWC entirely in English. Both RWCs encourage all female members of PSAC to participate, whether they live or work on the Ontario or the Quebec side.

The main objectives of the CRFF-RCN are to promote and defend the rights of women and to combat all forms of violence, discrimination, marginalization or exclusion facing women.  The operation of the CRFF-RCN is predicated on the feminist process that is itself based on the principle of equality.  This process stresses the sharing of goals, authority and responsibilities; and accountability.  The Committee advocates this method of operation that is more inclusive and emphasizes diversity, two values members seek to convey to their union and to all sectors both private and public.

The CRFF-RCN aims to achieve equality between men and women in all areas of society and works toward the establishment of conditions that makes it possible to achieve this objective. The CRFF-RCN assumes collective leadership in order to respond to societal issues confronting women.

The CRFF-RCN is a non-partisan, education and political action organization, whose role is to critique, apply pressure, promote cooperation and mobilize.

Meetings will be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the PSAC Regional Office in Gatineau (Hull sector), Place du Centre, room 310, 200 Promenade du Portage.  The day of the meeting, a light snack will be served at 5 p.m. followed by the meeting at 5:30.  As noted previously, proceedings are in French.  PSAC Francophile women in the National Capital Region are welcome to attend.

For more information on the CRFF and its current activites, please contact

Sandrine Oka, President,

Hélène Lapointe, Vice President,

Judith Balthazar, 2nd Vice President,

Vacant , Treasurer,


Comité régional des femmes francophones (CRFF) February’s meeting 2020

Comité régional des femmes francophones (CRFF) September’s meeting 2019

Comité régional des femmes francophones (CRFF) April’s Meeting 2019