FAQ: Strike Pay Paper Cheque Pick-Up #2

Stay up to date on the strike including strike pay by regularly checking both the PSAC National FAQ webpage and the NCR Regional FAQ webpage.

If we have not received your confirmation for strike pay via e-transfer we are unable to pay you expeditiously via e-transfer. For such members, if you were present on the picket line we are contacting you via email or telephone.

As an alternative measure for the strike pay period of April 24 to 28, 2023, the PSAC is paying eligible members from the picket line by paper cheque which can be picked up at the following addresses on the following dates:

Paper Cheque Pick Up Dates – 2nd Cheque Run

Saturday May 13, 20239am to 4pmSuite 730 at Place du Centre
200 Promenade du Portage,
Gatineau, QC
Monday May 15, 202311am to 8pmJK Wyllie Boardroom
233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa
Ottawa, ON
Tuesday May 16, 202311am to 8pmJK Wyllie Boardroom
233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa
Ottawa, ON

(Next pick-up date is not until the 3rd cheque run, the following week)

The strike pay rates are:

$75/day for a maximum per calendar week of $375.00.

Some PSAC components and locals may also choose to top-up members’ strike pay separately. Please contact you component and/or local.

Attendance on the picket line was required for the strike pay to be paid.

Please bring your government issued ID and you will be required to sign in order to receive your strike pay.

We require your approval / confirmation if you wish to be paid more quickly by e-transfer. Please verify your personal email address for an email from “noreply@psac-afpc.com” and titled “Strike pay: sign up for e-transfer”. We recommend that you verify your promotions and spam/junk folder.

For those of you who have not provided the PSAC with a personal email address, we will need it in order to be able send you the e-transfer option proposal email. You can provide it to us while picking up your first strike pay.

For additional information about strike pay, see the PSAC webpages with FAQ for TB and FAQ for CRA members.

Stay up to date on negotiations by verifying the PSAC national website.

For members who have received their strike pay but, are seeing discrepancies, please wait until after the second strike payment after 11:59 pm May 18, 2023 before submitting enquiries to the PSAC. If after that date you have concerns or questions, kindly submit your enquiry to the online Issues with Strike Pay form.